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The Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress is a special place. We work together on issues that matter, not just within our community, but outside of it too. As a support network, we strive to create real change for the better.




The undergraudate student congress is an organization built on the practices of servant leadership. We are exist to support our community and create a better space for all students in all ways. 


advocate & serve

HUSC is not only a place for service based leadership, butt also a community of passionate and committed individuals. All students are a part of HUSC and  can help us make a difference!

Photo by Sophie Warrick



Get in touch with us through our office hours or attend General Assembly, held every Tuesday from 11:30-12:30 in the Giddens Learning Center room 100E.  Or subscribe to our newsletter and email a rep at HUSC@HAMLINE.EDU

Photo by Sophie Warrick

why advocate?

Advocacy is about making change and creating solutions for the better. 

You don't need to be a president of an organization to be an advocate for change. At Hamline, all students can be change makers and we encourage all Pipers to get involved. If you're an undergraduate student, you're already a part of HUSC and can help us find solutions to our campus's biggest and smallest problems. 


Join us for General Assembly, held every Tuesday from 11:30-12:30 via Google Meets. 

In an effort to support both students and our local community, food from local vendors will be provided at every GA.

our initiatives

Taking the lead in all the ways we can, for as long as we can

HUSC is built upon the ideas of servant leadership. We serve our community in all the ways we can and act as the voice of the undergraduate student body. But it's not just us! Whether or not you are a representative, you can help us take initiatives within our community.

Have an idea or want to collaborate with a rep? Fill out the form below!

accessibility and transparency

We are committed to ensuring that our campus is accessible to all students, that our resources, classes, and administration are held accountable and aware of our diverse student body. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of our students' lives. Students should be fully supported and protected by our administration. We are committed to advocating for proper safety measures and plans that align with our students best interests.

divestments from predatory contracts

HUSC supports and encourages working with our local community and businesses. Engaging in predatory contracts disadvantages student wellness as well as our Midway community.

diversity awareness 

At HUSC, we believe that our faculty, administration, and policies should consciously reflect the diversity of our student body. It is  necessary that we understand the impacts of our statements and policies on the lives of our students.


Being a leader of a student organization has allowed me to make connections with amazing students all around campus who I might not have met otherwise. It gives me the opportunity to help embody Hamline’s values of leadership and inclusivity through my organization.”

raina meyer | president of young democrats

become a represenative

Passionate about change, advocacy, and leadership? Join HUSC!

The student congress hosts both a Fall and Spring election run by the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) Chair. Students can represent their class/year, their hall, or a speciality such as commuter students, diversity and inclusion, and more. Representatives work together to identify and tackle the issues the our campus face. As a representative, you'll serve on the Board of Elected Representatives to create real change on campus and on a committee of your choice. Each committee serves different purposes ranging from public relations to economic affairs. Each representative is expected to attend our General Assemblies where we host speakers from around campus as well as the Twin Cities. 


All open elected positions are listed: HERE


Fall Elections (open to all undergraduate students): 

  • First Year Reps, Junior Reps, Speciality Reps


Spring Elections: (open to all undergraduate students):

  • Sophomore, Junior, Senior Reps, Student Body President & Vice President


For more information on election rules, email Emily Hilderbrand at

join the executive board

8 PAID Positions for 2022-23:


PAC Chair, EAC Chair, PRC Chair, SOC Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Technology Coordinator

After Spring Elections, the External and Internal Presidents elect will appoint individuals to serve on the Executive Board. The applications process is determined by the incoming Presidents. Executive board members have a unique opportunity to serve as a student leader and work directly with both students and the administration.


Applicants will be interviewed and selected in April of '22. Applications window is April 4th - April 10th. BER Chair is appointed by the Board of Elected Representatives each Spring. 


Apply for the Executive Board! Follow the link HERE for more information on open positions!



All Executive Board members serve at least 3 office hours a week in addition to 1 hour of executive meetings. Stop by our office hours anytime!

general assembly

All officers and chairs must attend General Assembly every Tuesday from 11:30-12:30. GA is open to ALL students and often feature keynote speakers, issue discussions, and did we mention free food? 



Committee meetings are led by the Chairs on the Executive Board and attended by all members. Each committee serves specific issues from political affairs to economics and public relations. 

retreats & fun!

Aside from day to day tasks, board members, along with the council and other student leaders, often have retreats and other activities! From Monday night Applebee trips to failed craft-movie nights, anything is possible! 

get in touch

Our doors are open to all Pipers. Stop by our office hours for some cocoa and tea or get in touch with a rep!

Can't make General Assembly? Want to stay in the know about campus? Keep up to date on all things Hamline and HUSc with our newsletter! Eeach addition will have information on resolutions, campus issues, and more. You can view it here on our website or on our social @yourvoicehusc

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