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Can i set different due dates?

Yes! you set a default due date, but on each invoice you issue you can change the due date. Your auto reminderds for payment work on the due date of each invoice.

Can I set an invoice to issue each month?

Most definetly! check out or reccuring invoice feature! It's simple to use and is pact full of functionality to suit howoften you want invoices to be sent.

Can I cancel an invoice?

Sure can! You can instantly issue a credit note to your customer. It's 1 click done!

What about VAT (Sales Taxes)?

Set the VAT rate for each line on your invoice and we calculate it for you!


Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress

Anderson Student Center

1536 Hewitt Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55104

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Todos los estudiantes pueden unirse a nosotros para la Asamblea General, todos los martes durante la hora de la convocatoria, 11: 30-12: 30 en el Centro de Justicia y Derecho

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