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Elections 2023-2024 

Elections are now over!

You can find out below what positions were filled below and also join us at GA to see your representatives in action!

Elected Representative Application : 

First Year Rep (3)
Sophomore Year Rep (2)
Junior Year Rep (3)
Senior Rep (2)
Sorin Hall Rep (1)

Manor Hall Rep (1)
Drew Hall Rep (1)
Hamline Apartment Rep (1)
Commuter Rep (1)


Appointed Representative Application: 

At- Large Rep (2)

Advocacy Rep (1)

Diversity Initiative Steering Committee Rep (1)

Disability Rep (1)


Executive board application: 

Student Organization Committee Chair (1)

All Applications are due on September 18th by 11:59pm

Elections will  take place September 25-27. For information on the election or the campaign process click here

If you have any questions or want more information please reach out to the Political Affairs Committee chair (PAC)/Student Organization Committee (SOC), Maddie Christensen  at or

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