why advocate?

Advocacy is about making change and creating solutions for the better. 

You don't need to be a president of an organization to be an advocate for change. At Hamline, all students can be change makers and we encourage all Pipers to get involved. If you're an undergraduate student, you're already a part of HUSC and can help us find solutions to our campus's biggest and smallest problems. 



2021 fall election manual


presidential election manual


open council positions

become a represenative

Passionate about change, advocacy, and leadership? Join HUSC!

The student congress hosts both a Fall and Spring election run by the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) Chair. Students can represent their class/year, their hall, or a speciality such as commuter students, diversity and inclusion, and more. Representatives work together to identify and tackle the issues the our campus face. As a representative, you'll serve on the Board of Elected Representatives to create real change on campus and on a committee of your choice. Each committee serves different purposes ranging from public relations to economic affairs. Each representative is expected to attend our General Assemblies where we host speakers from around campus as well as the Twin Cities. 


Ready to kickstart your campaign? Submit your application materials (found above) by: TBD 

Fall Elections (open to all undergraduate students): 

  • First Year Reps, Speciality Reps


Spring Elections: (open to all undergraduate students):

  • Sophomore, Junior, Senior Reps, Student Body President & Vice President


For more information on election rules, email Raina Meyer at huscpac@hamline.edu

open positions



Sophomore Representative (3)

Junior Representative (3)

Senior Representative (3)

join the executive board

After Spring Elections, the President and Vice President elect will appoint individuals to serve on the Executive Board. The applications process is determined by the incoming President and Vice President. Executive board members have a unique opportunity to serve as a student leader and work directly with both students and the administration.

At the moment, there are no open positions. Any available positions on the executive board will be listed HERE