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Student orgs that are chartered through HUSC can receive a yearly budget and have access to any of the HUSC funds. Newly Chartered Orgs are also granted a newly chartered org fund. Find out more about chartering


apply for 


HUSC supports orgs and students in a variety of ways, but one of those is funding! We offer 4 different grants and funds available to students: Conference, Contingency, Challenge, and Collaboration. Find out more  below!

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The P-Card is available to chartered student organizations to purchase supplies, materials, tickets, and other products for their organization. You'll need to reserve the card 48 hours in advance and bring your student ID with you!

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All organizations and students are welcome to reserve spaces for an event. You can book your event through Conference and Event Management (CEM) and collaborate with a variety of other offices like SALD and HUPB too! Learn more below!




Want to start a new student organization? Visit the Student Activities and Leadership Development website to learn how!


Being a leader of a student organization has allowed me to make connections with amazing students all around campus who I might not have met otherwise. It gives me the opportunity to help embody Hamline’s values of leadership and inclusivity through my organization.”

raina meyer | president of young democrats


student organization centers and offices

Hamline student organizations are located in a variety of departments and offices that provide support and resources to students. 


Email: hupb@hamline.edu

Phone: 651-523-2664

Anderson Room 319

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hamline university programming board

HUPB is a student-led event planning staff within the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development. HUPB coordinates about 50 programs annually for the Hamline community, specifically undergraduate students.


Email: hedgemancenter@hamline.edu

Phone: 651-523-2423

Anderson Room 317

the hedgeman 

The Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity Initiatives helps create and sustain an inclusive community that appreciates, celebrates and advances student and campus diversity at Hamline University.


Email: sald@hamline.edu

Phone: 651-523-2664

Hours: M-F 10am-3pm

Anderson Room 319

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student activities  & leadership development

SALD provides students with opportunities to enhance their coursework and build leadership capacities through co-curricular activities. The office is responsible for coordinating major campus programs  as well as regular evening and weekend programming!


Email: wesleycenter@hamline.edu

Phone: 651-523-2878

Hours:  M-F 9am-5pm

Anderson Room 318

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the wesley

The Wesley Center offers high-impact programming and initiatives to engage students with practices of spirituality, service, and social justice. Student-led groups and collaborative networking encourage students to develop community, educational, and interfaith leadership skills at Hamline and beyond. 


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reserve a time

Fill out the P-Card Request Form 48 hours before you hope to use it and you will receive a Google invite confirming the time, and date from the HUSC Treasurer if your request is approved.

submit your
student id

Come to the SALD Office located in ANDC Room 319 to check out the HUSC P-Card during your confirmed time. You will have to turn in your Student ID card. Without it, we are unable to give you the HUSC P-Card.

exempt form

The Tax-Exempt Form will be provided to you at the time you pick up the P-Card. You MUST use this Tax-Exempt form when purchasing items. If you are purchasing online goods the front desk will be happy to help!

keep your

After you are done using the HUSC P-Card, please return it to the SALD Office and pick up your Student ID card.

Please provide a receipt for your purchase with your organization's name listed on the top 

**The HUSC Treasurer and SALD Staff are not responsible for your receipts. If you do not return with the receipt, you will be asked to go get the receipt before getting your Student ID card back and be given a warning and a possible ban from the P-card, should it happen again.

reserve a space

Conference & Event Management (CEM) is accepting requests to book reservations. Reservation requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event date. All reservation requests are subject to review by the Executive Committee. To help ensure safety on campus, all meetings and events that can be held virtually should do so. For events that must meet in person:


All event hosts and attendees must follow Hamline’s COVID-19 Campus Preparedness Plan and events must have a designated person to monitor and enforce safety guidelines for event attendees.

must comply with the SALD Policies & Protocols.

Contact 651-523-2474 or email space@hamline.edu for any questions.