Election Results '22

Effective Spring 2022

Constitutional Clean Up Bill 


Food and Basic Needs Representative


Email huscpac@hamline.edu with any questions!

Effective Fall 2022

Sophomore Representatives: 

- Travis Matthews

- Tawny Plentyhorse

- Ella Ettlin


Junior Representatives*:

- Mohamed Shukri

- Mohamed Omar


Senior Representatives**:

- Kenzie Harstad 

- Kinzie McDowell 


External President: Emily Hilderbrand

Internal President: Maddie Swanson

*1 open Junior Rep 

**1 open Senior Rep Position 


Both to be elected Fall 2022

join the executive board

8 PAID Positions for 2022-23:


PAC Chair, EAC Chair, PRC Chair, SOC Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Technology Coordinator

After Spring Elections, the External and Internal Presidents elect will appoint individuals to serve on the Executive Board. The applications process is determined by the incoming Presidents. Executive board members have a unique opportunity to serve as a student leader and work directly with both students and the administration.


Applicants will be interviewed and selected in April of '22. Application window is April 4th - April 10th. BER Chair is appointed by the Board of Elected Representatives each Spring. 


Apply for the Executive Board! Follow the link HERE for more information on open positions!

open positions for '22-23

Executive Board

Appointed by Co-Presidents



Economic Affairs Committee Chair

Political Affairs Committee Chair

Public Relations Committee Chair

Student Organizations Committee Chair

Technology Coordinator

Board of Elected Representatives*

Due date April 14th, 2022 at 11:59PM

Apply for up to 3 positions!!

Email husc@hamline.edu with questions!

*elected by the Board of Elected Representatives in the Spring of '22


The Following to be elected or Appointed in Fall 2022:



Freshman Representatives (3)

Junior Representatives (2)

Senior Representative (1)

Hall Representatives

Manor Hall Rep (1)

Sorin Hall Rep (1)

Drew Hall Rep (1)

Apartments Rep (1)

The Heights Rep (1)

Specialty Representatives

​Food & Basic Needs Representative (1)

Disability Initiatives Steering Committee (DISC) Representative (1)

Advocacy Representative (1)

At-Large Representative (2)

Commuter Representative (1)

Multicultural Alliance Representative (1)

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Representative (1)

Disability Representative (1)

Email huscpac@hamline.edu with questions!

Fall election packet


Fall REP


open council positions

become a represenative

Passionate about change, advocacy, and leadership? Join HUSC!

The student congress hosts both a Fall and Spring election run by the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) Chair. Students can represent their class/year, their hall, or a speciality such as commuter students, diversity and inclusion, and more. Representatives work together to identify and tackle the issues the our campus face. As a representative, you'll serve on the Board of Elected Representatives to create real change on campus and on a committee of your choice. Each committee serves different purposes ranging from public relations to economic affairs. Each representative is expected to attend our General Assemblies where we host speakers from around campus as well as the Twin Cities. 

Fall Elections (open to all undergraduate students): 

  • Class Representatives, Hall Representatives, Speciality Representatives


Spring Elections: (open to all undergraduate students):

  • Sophomore, Junior, Senior Reps, Student Body External President & Internal President


For more information on election rules, email PAC Chair at huscpac@hamline.edu