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You don't need to be a president of an organization to be an advocate for change. At Hamline, all students can be change makers and we encourage all Pipers to get involved. If you're an undergraduate student, you're already a part of HUSC and can help us find solutions to our campus's biggest and smallest problems. 

what does it mean to be apart of husc?

All council members of HUSC will...

  • Attend weekly General Assembly meetings on Tuesdays during convo hour.

  • Attend the Board of Elected Representatives (BER) meetings typically an hour each week (the day and time is set by the BER Chair).

  • Participate on a committee and attend an hourly meeting each week (the day and time is set by the committee chair). The standing committees are Political Affairs, Economic Affairs, Public Relations, and Student Organizations.

  • It is important to understand that being a representative on HUSC involves a significant time commitment so that you are able to effectively represent your constituents.

why advocate?

Advocacy is about making change and creating solutions for the better. 


Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress

Anderson Student Center

1536 Hewitt Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55104

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Todos los estudiantes pueden unirse a nosotros para la Asamblea General, todos los martes durante la hora de la convocatoria, 11: 30-12: 30 en el Centro de Justicia y Derecho

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