Annual budgeting is available to all Chartered organizations. Each spring, the Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) reviews all student organization budgets in the spring. At that time, organizations can submit a budget proposal, which consists of two documents, to the Chair for review. Below you will find information on the budgeting process and any documents you'll need to submit.

need to know

budget meeting

The budgeting season is kicked off with the All Org Budget Meeting. Chartered Student Organizations interested in requesting a budget must attend. Failure to attend will result in a financial penalty



You have until TWO WEEKS AFTER the initial budgeting meeting to submit your final budget proposal. Late submissions will only be eligible for a certain percentage of their initial budget from the previous year

prepare & present

Once you have submitted your proposal, you will have the opportunity to present to EAC. Each presentation should, at maximum, be 10 min long. A round of 10-15 min questions will follow. Be open to questions as we might have some!

track & document

Keep track of all of your expenditures to give the most detailed and accurate proposal. Be sure to come prepared with justifications on your expenditures and how you want to expand the organization


The budget proposal consists of two different documents, the Budget Proposal Table and the Organization Short Answer.

The budget proposal table functions as the quantitative piece of your proposal. It contains what you have spent this year and what you are asking for in the next year. The organization short answer is your justifications sheet. It's an opportunity for you to tell us what you've accomplished this year, what your goals are, and any other information you'd like us to know. Both documents be filled out completely in order to complete your submission. Unfinished proposals will not be considered for approval. If any information is missing or needs clarification, the EAC Chair will reach out to you. 

Frequently asked questions


When does budgeting start?

The official budgeting season kicks off in the spring semester, typically around Februrary, and ends in March. The exact start date is up to the Economic Affairs Chair and will be emailed out to student organizations!

How should I upload my organization's documents?

You should upload your organization overview as a google doc and the budget expense table as a google sheet. There is no need to upload them as PDFs!

Are the two documents mandatory to fill out?

Yes. You will need to submit BOTH documents in order to be processed for budgeting.

What happens if I submit my documents late?

Failure to submit a proposal on time will result in a monetary penalty. Late submissions will only be elgible for up to 50% of the current year's budget. If your budegt in the year of application was $500, you would only be elgible for up to $250. All penalties can be found in the HUSC bylaws.

When is the All Org Budgeting Meeting?

The All Org Budget Meeting kicks off the budegt season and hosted in February. It's a mandatory meeting for all chartered student orgs. The exact date is up to the chair! Contact husceac@hamline.edu for any questions!

Do I have to present my budget proposal to EAC?

Nope! All presentations are OPTIONAL but can be helpful to your org if the committee has any questions! If you don;t present no worries!!

When will I get a budget decision back?

You should expect to get a decision back two weeks after the final submission deadline.

Do I need to submit reciepts or other financial documents?

No. You are not required to submit any reciepts. You ARE required to list all of your financial expenditures in the Budegt Expense table however. We encourage organizations to track and update their spending directly into the budget expense table as you spend to make the process easier! You may choose to provide additional means of financial documentation to fill our the table accurately. You are also encouraged to and may provide proof of finances during your presentation.


What is the difference between a non-minimum and minimum line item?

a minimum line item is one of the four preset categories listed in the budget expense table: Event Supplies, Marketing/Recruitment,Food, Programming. These are the four MINIMUM categories that HUSC will fund and considers necessary fro organizations. Anything that cannot be listed outside of those categories (ie transportation to a weekly workshop, stoles) should be listed in the non-minimum line item cell.

What should I put in the minimum (Y/N) box?

You should check YES or Y for any minimum line item. Checking yes guarntees that HUSC will fund 75% of your current year's funding. Check NO or N otherwise.

What is the Budget Expense Table?

The Budget Expense Table is a MANDATORY component of the application. Each cell will autocomplete the total but make sure to double check just in case! Definitions for the line items can be found in the document as well as this page. Save this sheet and label it as follows: OrgName.BET2020.MM.DD.YYY

What is the Organization Overview?

Here you make and list your justifications for your requested budget. You may choose to write however little or much you want, but we encourage that you provide clear and detailed justifications/explanations. You MUST complete each section unless indicated as optional.

If I don't have a list of my attendence records, what should I submit?

If you don't keep a record of your attendence you can submit an email list instead. We HIGHLY encourage you to keep records of your attendence however.