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The Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) is a subdivision of the Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC). It oversees organizational funds such as the yearly student fee, individual organization budgets, and three of the main funding opportunities maintained by HUSC. The mission of EAC is to support individual students and organizations and aims to create and efficient and open process for all. On a day-to-day basis, EAC strives to provide assistance and information to all students and organizations seeking funding from the congress. EAC meets weekly to provide a forum for student concerns and funding proposals. For more information, contact EAC at

available funds

There are several different types of funds students can apply for. All funds are approved to the discretion of the committee and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. We heavily encourage that students and organizations fundraise and HUSC is happy to help you do so! Contact Jessie Luevano at for more information. 


The Contingency Fund is built for HUSC Chartered Organizations who are seeking budgeting not previously allocated or expected in the past year. The fund may NOT be used for individual tuition and is only meant to serve student organizational events.


The Conference Fund is meant to sponsor individual students and groups to various conferences (including dinners, marches - see HUSC bylaws for more clarification). To the discretion of the Chair, the fund may include transportation, registration, and lodging fees. HUSC does not fund beverages, drinks, or other food items and individual trips/excursions.


The Challenge Grant is designed for organizations who have completed fundraising. HUSC will match dollar to dollar what an org has fundraised independently (does not include donations) up to $1,000 USD. An organization may request the grant TWICE per year for a combined total of maximum, $1,000 USD


Let's collaborate! The only fund that EAC does not oversee, this opportunity is great for any organization who would like support from HUSC in any capacity. Need volunteers? Monetary support? Advertisement? Look no further than HUSC!


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