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"We, the undergraduate student body of Hamline University, operating within the authority granted us by the Board of Trustees, in order to govern ourselves, to broaden the representative character of the student body, to foster high ideals of conduct, to foster traditions, and to promote unity and cooperation among the students, do ordain and establish this Constitution."

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what is husc?

The Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC) is the student led legislative advocacy group at Hamline. We work with members of our Hamline community as well as community organizations and leaders in the Twin Cities. HUSC represents the voices and needs of the students and works on supporting individuals, organizations, and the campus as a whole.

The HUSC Council is made up of the Executive Board and both elected and appointed representatives who serve on four different committees. HUSC exists through the Board of Trustees but is an independent organization that first and foremost promotes the needs of the undergraduate student body. The Executive Board consists of officers and chairs appointed by the External & Internal Co-Presidents. The only exception is the Board of Elected Representatives Chair who is elected by the HUSC student representatives. 

Capital improvement resolutions and other proposals are debated and approved during the General Assembly which takes place every Tuesday from 11:30-12:30p. These resolutions vary from physical improvements to campus (renovating the Commuter Lounge for instance) to calling for reductions in the yearly tuition.

All undergraduate students are apart of HUSC and can vote on many of our resolutions. 

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HUSC is not only a place for service based leadership, butt also a community of passionate and committed individuals. All students are a part of HUSC and  can help us make a difference!

Become part of HUSC

There are two elections throughout the year for both Representative and executive board positions. For more information click the link below!

husc by the numbers


student organizations

HUSC sponsors over 20 different student organizations through funding, advertising, and more


Undergraduates served

Every undergraduate student is apart of HUSC and can vote on our materials!


years of service

HUSC has been dedicated to serving  and advocating for Hamline students for over 50 years

Our services

The Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress sponsors both students and their organizations. You can apply for a wide variety of grants to help you do all the good you can in all the ways you can. HUSC also hosts a variety of workshops and events in partnership with our amazing student orgs!

serving all pipers


Made up of four different legislative committees; Economic Affairs, Political Affairs, Public Relations, and Student Organizations, each committee works to address campus related issues in addition to their specific duties. The Board of Elected Representatives serves as a joint-council of all elected representatives. Through HUSC, student budgets and grants are funded. In addition to other events, HUSC also charters organizations and provides support in a variety of ways.

Our priority are our students and our community. ALL undergraduate students are apart of HUSC and can help us make a difference. We are committed to supporting all pipers tthrough a variety of services, big and small!

If you have any questions or concerns stop by for a visit during our office hours or shoot us an email at 



HUSC offers several different funding opportunities for both chartered and non-chartered organizations, as well as individuals, on our campus


We are here to support YOU. Each year, HUSC Scholarships are available to all qualifying undergraduate students, applications open in spring


We work in collaboration with several 

different offices on campus to provide programs and resources that serve you


HUSC is happy to support any advertising our marketing needs your organization might have. Just contact the Public Relations Chair!


Our student congress ensures that your voice is heard. Representatives work on ensuring that students have a say in University decisions


Chartered student organizations through HUSC receive annual budgeting and other opportunities. Reach out to the Student Organizations Chair!


why join husc?

From office pranks and barbecues with the board, to building friendships, opportunities, and change, there are a million reasons to join HUSC, but heres just four!



HUSC isn't just a student government, it's a community of passionately engaged individuals  who aim to make our campus a better place. Resolutions and statements aside, we also know how to have fun ;) If you've never played Hogwarts at midnight and avada kedavra'd the student president while sipping hot cocoa, are you really in student gov? 



As student leaders, we have a unique opportunity to lend our voices and make change for our peers and community. Through service and practice, we act as the voice for students to administration and work on implementing student oriented policies that reflect our needs.



At HUSC we believe that our policies and practices should reflect and take into account the diverse bodies of our community.  We understand and value the intersectionality of our campus and work to bring more equitable solutions to the administration.



We take our motto seriously and work year round to find solutions to our community's biggest and smallest challenges. From creating better student spaces, divesting from predatory contacts, to fighting for non-gendered bathrooms and equitable health policies, we put our words into practice.

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