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general assembly

GA is the open forum designed for undergraduate students to come and voice concerns about their undergraduate experience. All students are welcome to sit in and participate in GA-- there's free food each week! It is the job of the HUSC Elected Council to assist the student body in any way possible, so student participation in GA is extremely valuable to HUSC. GA is chaired by the HUSC Internal Co-President!

You can view all General Assembly videos, streamed live on Instagram below:

GA Livestream


View General Assembly live below. All students are welcome to join us for General Assembly. We have an in-person assembly with the option of joining online. These fit CDC and MN Department of Health guidelines, stay tuned for more information.

ga minutes

Tenth GA Minutes
Student Leader Stipend Appeal was approved.
Ninth GA Minutes
RFP (Request For Proposal) consultants stopped by about the dining contract being up as well as Brent Gustafson and Andy Rundquist came to talk about the tuition increase.
Eighth GA Minutes
Group work discussing resolutions we want to write to better Hamline University and student life.
Seventh GA Minutes
Writing letters to the MN senate about state grants.
Sixth GA Minutes
Vince Phipps Regional Vice President of Collegiate Hospitality of Aramark came to visit to talk about the Aramark contract and we are combining SOC and PAc so Maddie will be doing both positions.
Firth GA Minutes
Capital Improvement resolution was looked at again and passed and representatives had their photos taken.
Fourth GA Minutes
Capital Improvement resolution was shown and alumni relations came to visit.
Third GA Minutes
N/A. All members went to a conference hosted by Hamline.
Second GA Minutes
SOC Chair is open and Aramark resolution was passed.
First GA Minutes
Introduction to HUSC executive board, Reps, and guests.

community speakers

HUSC invites guest speakers to present at GA from on and off campus, including individuals from student organizations, administration, and community leadership roles. If you are interested in presenting at a future GA, email HUSC Internal President, Abi-Grace!

our initiatives

Taking the lead in all the ways we can, for as long as we can

HUSC is built upon the ideas of servant leadership. We serve our community in all the ways we can and act as the voice of the undergraduate student body. But it's not just us! Whether or not you are a representative, you can help us take initiatives within our community.

Have an idea or want to collaborate with a rep? Fill out the form below!

accessibility and transparency

We are committed to ensuring that our campus is accessible to all students, that our resources, classes, and administration are held accountable and aware of our diverse student body. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many of our students' lives. Students should be fully supported and protected by our administration. We are committed to advocating for proper safety measures and plans that align with our students best interests.

divestments from predatory contracts

HUSC supports and encourages working with our local community and businesses. Engaging in predatory contracts disadvantages student wellness as well as our Midway community.

diversity awareness 

At HUSC, we believe that our faculty, administration, and policies should consciously reflect the diversity of our student body. It is  necessary that we understand the impacts of our statements and policies on the lives of our students.

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