THE 2020-2021

executive board

The Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress Executive Board is made up of the External and Internal President elect, eight other positions. We work as a collaborative team to lead the undergraduate student congress. All board member hold office hours which can be found below.

office hours

TUE: 3-4pm, THUR: 11:30-12:30 am, FRI: 2-3pm 

office hours

Monday/Wednesday: 3-4pm, Friday: 2-3pm

office hours

Tuesday: 10:30-11:30  Thursday: 10:30-12:30)

office hours

Monday: 8:30-10am, Thursday: 12:30-2pm

office hours

Tuesday: 12:30-3:30pm

office hours

Monday: TBA

office hours

Wednesday: 6-7pm, Thursday: 3-4pm, Friday: 11am-12pm

office hours

Monday: 6-7pm Thursday: 6-8pm

office hours

Wednesday: 9:15-11:20am

join the executive board

After Spring Elections, the President and Vice President elect will appoint individuals to serve on the Executive Board. The applications process is determined by the incoming President and Vice President. Executive board members have a unique opportunity to serve as a student leader and work directly with both students and the administration.

At the moment, there are no open positions. Any available positions on the executive board will be listed HERE



All Executive Board members serve at least 3 office hours a week in addition to 1 hour of executive meetings. Stop by our office hours anytime!

general assembly

All officers and chairs must attend General Assembly every Tuesday from 11:30-12:30. GA is open to ALL students and often feature keynote speakers, issue discussions, and did we mention free food? 



Committee meetings are led by the Chairs on the Executive Board and attended by all members. Each committee serves specific issues from political affairs to economics and public relations. 

retreats & fun!

Aside from day to day tasks, board members, along with the council and other student leaders, often have retreats and other activities! From Monday night Applebee trips to failed craft-movie nights, anything is possible!