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Resolution Passed regarding aramark

September 30, 2020 -

The Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress passed a Resolution Regarding Hamline's Contract with Aramark on Tuesday, September 29th. This comes after many students had voiced issues regarding the availability of food options, Aramark's relations with the prison industry, and more.

Disapproval of Aramark's actions and its relationship with Hamline are not new. The 2013 HUSC Executive Board voiced concerns over the establishment of Hamline's contract and a 2017 First year Seminar (FYSEM) also brought these issues to the Administration.

Students met on Tuesday during General Assembly to discuss the needs of campus and passed a proposal that sought a transition from Aramark to a more sustainable, University-based service. The HUSC Council called for, "Hamline University [to agree to] publicly not renew their contract with Aramark in 2024 in a way that does not hide that information from press, students, and alumni by the end of the 2020-2021 academic year..."

Additionally, students called for the creation of a Hamline University Food Service Task Force which would "begin an internal review by the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, to assess the logistics and costs of an internally run food service, while committing to work with sustainable and local resources..."

Find the review under our initiatives section

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