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GA 09/28

General Assembly Minutes (by Secretary Lisette Guzman)

September 28, 2021

Executive Board Reports:

Secretary - Lisette Guzman:

  • Just make sure to email when you know you will be gone for attendance since its mandatory

Treasurer -Lindsey Rajala:

  • If anyone Running used money let her know

EAC Chair - Carter Viner:

  • No updates

PAC Chair - Emily Hilderbrand:

  • Day two and polls will close at 8 pm on Thursday

  • If you are a rep 10-11 is opening for tabling, fill spot

PRC Chair - Mya Severson:

  • If you want anything posted on HUSC instagram message Mya.

  • Follow the tik tok

  • Go Vote

Tech. Coordinator- Maddie Swanson

  • Rep headshot. Will send out google poll to see when reps are available

  • Reach out for anything questions or things posted on the website

SOC Chair - Makayla George:

  • Thank you to everyone on step up

  • At large and advocacy will be notified

  • Husc related email at

  • Next all-org meeting at large is in presence and form to fill out

BER Chair - Nidhi Jariwala:

  • Resolution passed of this morning

  • Next week is first BER meeting

  • Send me a message if any questions

External President - Raina Meyer:

  • Will be attending faculty meetings during GA every other month.

  • Collaborating with Ruben for a good report for board of trustees

  • Google form for Internship integration task force Coming out

Internal President - Ruben Dominguez:

  • No updates

Representatives Reports:

Mohamed Shukri:

  • Does HUSC still want to be on the board for IT things like Wifi Access and tech, etc.

Kylie Clark:

  • Start Crosswalk project underway this year

Jaime Hernandez Portillo:

  • Nothing to report

Kenzie Harstad:

  • Nothing to report

Haylee Ziton:

  • Nothing to report

Julia Hintermeister:

  • Lots of games this week. Posted on athletics site

Henry Harriel:

  • Diversity summit this Tuesday email him quick

Alice Kellner:

  • Nothing to report

Administrative Reports:

Patrick Haught:

  • Good job on elections

  • Homecoming week, different events going on throughout

  • Homecoming Royalty voting is open

Patti Klein:

  • A lot of alumni and lots of events outside this week for homecoming alumni week

  • Trustees are here on Friday


  • Haylee is concerned about title 9 issues not dealt properly. First year class is thinking about transferring.

    • Patti said concerns can be brought up to her.

    • Ruben commented that this is a delicate subject. Turn towards Patti and Patrick for Title 9 issues.

  • Concern brought up about racial issues happening on campus. Huge concern is that students of color are not being valued.

    • Ruben commented he didn’t know what was happening.

    • Students said Hamline reached out to the students in the heights. They addressed it in a different way than they were hoping it would be addressed.

    • RA don’t agree how it was dealt with but there is work behind the scenes.

Unfinished Business:

  • None This Week

New Business:

  • Student Input Needed

    • Marcela Thanked everyone who participated last semester in the survey. THe results have been presented and implementing those changes. The changes will not apply to students who are already here. Major and skill based minor will not be required when students signed up and started as a student. Would want feedback and want students to be part of it. Whatever changes are taking place are not applied to students now.

    • Recognition of school preparation. Two things: make sure very explicitly how undergraduate experience prepares students and second do better than you are doing now. Asked this year to look at ways to require internships. Improve the structures. Case for external fundraising for paid internships of any kind. Also trying to figure out the experience is more rewarding and more available. Many students not in business majors are afraid of internships and only do it because of leap requirements. Everytime they do, they end up having a good experience. Marcela asks how we could have students do them earlier and how it is embedded in the major. Working on a task force and working on surveys to get the most feedback possible.

      • Emily: Social justice advisor resigned and concerned social justice becoming sociology based.

      • Recommended that those two programs merged. Trying to create a major in social justice and social change. Trying to boost resources already there.

      • Haylee asked how many options of skill based minor will there be?

      • 10-12 options and stackable to any major. About 5 courses in length. Need to be explicit to be highly necessary and of interest to students. Things like data analysis, languages, story telling, etc. None of them have been approved.

      • Any ideas or feedback can be sent to her or Ruben and Raina.

      • Question- It is scary because it's hard to be conformable to the professor on campus. A way to directly reach the professor to get directed to those kidneys of the project. Try to make it less intimidating. Also if they don’t have a car and can’t get off campus maybe have other options if possible on campus.

      • Comment on building on that is there an interest in supporting students on work study programs. And moving into an external internship senior year. Having a structure.

      • Julia: Courage to send an email and ask about research and having things in palec is fine. Allowing to let flexibility and to those

      • Kylie-two year transfer student and it's hard to figure out how to fit an internship in. On campus internship would be helpful.

      • Emily-Paid internship but had to pay tuition for class. Suggested offering as a zero or free. Could get other ones but could not afford and had to get a paid one.

      • Marcela-Heard students' feedback and tried to figure it out. Should have academic credit.

      • Mohamed commented how he didn't know we had to pay for an internship class. Would love to have an fysem internship workshop to learn more.

      • Marcela-Only an issue if doing an internship in the summer is that the student has to pay the class. The class can be taken during the school year and could be 1 of 4 classes being taken. If it's two credit internships it can be included in with it already in the tuition bill. If it's above 18 credits it will be at an additional cost during the semester.

      • Nidhi- Noticed that there is not much accommodation. Many majors require an internship. Many don’t have time to do it in the jterm or the summer. Unfair to pay for it because it's not something required for graduation. Most will have off campus requirements. Not fair because there is a class and pay for it along with doing other work. Why don’t we get the credit away and do it as zero credit? Why can’t we add more classes as a leap credit? So they don’t have to pay for a class. If we offered more classes, maybe 1 or two per major it would be more effective and what to expect when they graduate. If they get an internship most of the time it's irrelevant to what they are doing.

        • Haylee-One leap credit available. Settle for an internship because grad students who already have a degree because of covid. Still an issue and done years for internships. Some majors don’t make sense but find a way to get some experience. Resources or foot in the door.

        • Kenzie-Leap credit and internship-scholarships. Make it more accessible. If a major doesn’t need it, maybe don’t require it.

        • Mohamed- School already knows financial need they should not require it on top of tuition

        • Kylie-if its a requirement you need this credit you need to have internship

      • Ruben-Who knows how to find an internship. What makes it hard?

        • Mak-Hard to find it because poli sci major and not many that are paid. Companies would prefer to have juniors and seniors especially during covid.

        • Carter-First year wanted to do one. Everyone I found had to be a junior or senior. Grade standing was frustrating. Almost everyone had to be unpaid.

        • Kenzie-legal studies major usually get grad student

        • Marcela-does it help to have a paralegal certificate?

        • Haylee - they want the completed thing. Most choose other interns with it on hand.

        • Let Raina or Rueben know with any idea

        • Patrick-like Mohamed's idea to have them know.

        • Raina-form will be sent out this afternoon

  • Capital Improvement- Need for food supplies in the FRC

    • Maddie reads resolution

    • No discussion

    • Motion to vote by Mohamed and Nidhi seconded

Open Forum:

  • None This Week

Open Discussion:

  • Mohamed-Meal tickets?

    • Ruben-Did it because of covid

    • Tired of the same food from dining hall

  • Mak-Food steering committee?

    • Jennifer as food steering committee

    • Nidhi-should do a committee for it in BER

HUSC Announcements:

  • Election Dates: Monday September 27th 8:00am - Wednesday the 29th 7:00pm

All Campus Events:

Peer Wellness- Goat Yoga

Tues September 28 4:30pm-5:30pm

Mollken Court- Sign up on presence

Do You Even Network? An Alumni Q&A

Thurs September 30 11:30am-12:30pm

Via zoom- link on presence

Model United Nations Info Session

Thurs September 30 11:30am-12:30pm

GLC 110w

BSC Movie Night

Thurs, September 30 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

GLC 100E

HUHU Outdoor Social

Thurs, September 30 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Old Main Lawn

Next Week…

  • NONE

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