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General Assembly 10/12

General Assembly Minutes

October 12, 2021

Executive Board Reports:

Secretary - Lisette Guzman:

Treasurer -Lindsey Rajala:

  • Nothing to report

EAC Chair - Carter Viner:

  • Nothing to report?

PAC Chair - Emily Hilderbrand:

  • Disc application on friday

  • Office hrs online thursday

PRC Chair - Mya Severson:

  • Bathrooms in drew in a two hr meeting during office hours

Tech. Coordinator- Maddie Swanson:

  • Reminder to get campaign poster down

  • Fill out two forms that has general information

  • Chartered org go to Makayla or go to website

  • Business casual for pictures

  • Reach out to BER to connect with others and Patrick and Patti

  • Let lisette know if your gonna be gone

  • Let Nidhi know if gone for BER

SOC Chair - Makayla Geroge:

  • List of chartered orgs contact her.

  • All org meetings on Monday are required of all chartered orgs to attend. Fill out form by thursday

BER Chair - Nidhi Jawala:

  • First BER on thursday. If missing, go and watch the recording already shared. Everyone is already added to chat if not contact her.

  • Think of a new project for this year. Keep her updated on which one you want to work on.

  • BER is available to everyone on campus

  • Let her know if someone can’t go because changing the time is always an option

External President - Raina Meyer:

  • Disability rep position has been sent out. If you utilize it the people would have gotten an email for disability resources. Its due this thursday

  • Working on international rep and Military rep

  • Working with DISC to get a climate survey. Nov 8 to 22nd. HUSC will be tabling during that time. We are combing town hall and tabling together.

Internal President - Ruben Dominguez:

  • Reach out to every rep to meet each one.

Representatives Reports:

Freshmen Reps: Nothing to report

Sophomore Reps: Nothing to Report

Junior Reps: Nothing to Report

Senior Reps: Nothing to Report

SAAC Rep: Talking to athletes about being more cautious because they don’t have to wear masks when practice but reminding them to wear outside on Campus. Contact Jon Guetter for current workout access in Bush Student center, contacting Verdugo for having a weight room open to everyone in the future

Multicultural Rep:Nothing to Report

Hall Rep: Nothing to Report

Commuter Rep: Nothing to Report

Administrative Reports:

Patrick Haught:

  • Taking management of Anderson Front Desk this week

Patti Klein:

  • Nothing to Report


  • Mohamed was concerned about the FRC post.

    • Mya answered That the FRC will stay open and the student body can keep it going. The post came off as offensive and the post did go to FRC for approval. It was vague but the target audience was about those worried about food. The post was not perfect. Feed your brain or FRC sorry if it came off like that but didn’t mean to. Many people did not respond back when asked for insider information but instead a post was put on their side.

    • Nidhi- Nothing was on anyone. Post was just about to be about the people who needed food and let them know it was not closing.

    • Student who works at FRC- The rumors should have not happened. Have a meeting about the posts. Trying to collaborate with other orgs and things on campus. Many people came into the FRC and many workers wanted to spread out the news that it was not closing right now.

    • Ruben- FRC is not just another random office. It’s important to everyone on campus. This came from a misunderstanding between offices. This issue has been an ongoing issue to get different things. FRC should have enough resources to help out students. At the end of day everyone is fighting the same issue. It is not an easy process to understand.

    • Maddie-Food steering committee and talking to Sofia about the last few weeks. Having a HUSC rep to have contact with Sofia and HUSC. Third Floor has potential but there is not always funding for FRC.

    • Emily- What HUSC can do to clarify. Hamline has the power to institutionalize not HUSC. We can put pressure on the administration and can also write a resolution for the Administration to listen. Can fund the FRC by writing resolutions as we have in the past. Food and basic needs committee looked at bylaws for position. The post for students who were needed to find their next meal.

    • Raina- Thanks everyone who was vulnerable and spoke about the issue. We are here to support in every possible way. Raina and Ruben emphasize the FRC to their meetings students aren’t able to go to. Still want to be an ally in however way HUSC can help.

    • Patrick- A lot of the basis of who is gonna be managing it next year. It will be ending after this year but the FRC is not ending. Someone will be there with either new staff or distribution. Months and months to work it out.

    • Julien- Meeting with Sofia tomorrow can send an email to Julien on issues you want brought up. 15 Page document on position, send an email to Sofia to get the document.

  • Julien concerned the lack of enforcing the mask policy. Many people are not wearing masks in public places and everywhere. The Multicultural Alliance exec board feels tokenized and wants some kind of compensation.

    • Ruben- Can have a campaign for mask wearing and can email students about wearing their masks.

    • Makayla- New posters are an option.

    • Julinen-No online option and can not miss a day.

  • Tawny was concerned about the bathrooms. Peterson hall there has been a guy coming in while girls shower.

  • Travis heard a lot of first year students are transferring because of title 9 issues and diversity concerns. Second thing is thinking about a bonfire on campus.

    • Maybe do a scavenger hunt to do things to have student engagement with HUSC.

    • Conversations have been brought up. Things are being done.

  • Emily motions to extend the meeting by 5 min. Makayla seconds it.

    • Reason HUSC has not given anything is because of all the parties included and not just posting something.

    • Alice-Few nsms about talking to first years. Encourage the students to talk to NSM. We have to support their choice if they want to transfer. Have not heard anything about it but it helps if first year students are honest. If first year students are thinking about it they should be encouraged to talk to their NSM

    • Kenzie-Google form was sent out for her students.

    • Eliza- many first years are scared because they are mandatory reporters.

Unfinished Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • Council Photos

    • Fill out form

  • Choosing Committee

    • Expect an email

Open Discussion/Forum:

  • None

All Campus Events:

  • HUPB Free Farmers Market!

  • Wed october 13 11:30am-12:30pm

  • Hamline Church Lawn

  • Peer Wellness Educators Get Yourself Tested

  • Thurs, October 14 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

  • Anderson 304 & 302

  • Spectrum Professional Drag Show

  • Thurs, October 14 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Old Main Lawn

  • FUSION Media Matters

  • Mon, October 18 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

  • Via Google Meets

Next Week…

  • None

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